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Licked by Waves I New Bathers in Art, Museum More, Grossel, Netherlands

July 6 – October 6 2024

Folk Modern, Monya Rowe Gallery
Lacey Black, Anne Buckwalter, Andie Dinkin, Karsen Heagle, Aubrey Levinthal, Erin Milez, Carson Monahan, Marcelle Reinecke, Bryan Rogers, Gretchen Scherer, Ann Toebbe, Boris Torres

June 20 – July 11 2024

Book Publication
Aubrey Levinthal Cloud Cover

On the occasion of Aubrey Levinthal’s exhibition CLOUD COVER, at Haverkampf Leistenschneider, Berlin, her first publication is released by DISTANZ Verlag, with texts by Dorothea Zwirner and Russell Tovey.

Available through the gallery, Distanz, Amazon and other booksellers.

Cloud Cover, Haverkampf Leistenschneider, Berlin, Germany
Solo Exhibition

April 26 – June 15 2024

Art Basel, Ingleby Gallery, Hong Kong
Hayley Barker, Andrew Cranston, Nick Goss, James Hugonin, Callum Innes, Aubrey Levinthal, Brandon Logan, Garry Fabian Miller, Lorna Robertson, Winston Roeth, Sean Scully, Caroline Walker, Frank Walter

March 28 – 30 2024

All Walks of Life, Pace Gallery, Hong Kong
Anthony Cudahy, Katja Farin, Aubrey Levinthal, Laurent Proux, Daisy Sheff, Sarah Slappey, Fabian Treiber

December 15 – January 18, 2024

Curated by William Zhao

Frieze London, Ingleby Gallery, London, UK
David Austen, Charles Avery, Hayley Barker, David Batchelor, Andrew Cranston, Richard Forster, Nick Goss, James Hugonin, Callum Innes, Aubrey Levinthal, Peter Liversidge, Brandon Logan, Katie Paterson, Lorna Robertson, Joel Tomlin, Caroline Walker and Frank Walter.

October 11 – October 15, 2023

Tourist, M + B Gallery, Los Angeles
Solo Exhibition

September 9 – October 7 2023

Some Day, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Solo Exhibition

June 3 – July 15 2023

Solo Presentation in Ingleby Gallery’s Instalment space

My World Play, Haverkampf Leistenschneider Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Group Exhibition

June 9 – August 19 2023

Katherine Bradford, Lois Dodd, Anna Grath, Michelle Jezierski, Maximilian Kirmse, Karin Kneffel, Aubrey Levinthal, Danielle Orchard, Norbert Schwontkowski, Fabian Treiber, Sophie TreppendahlYuri Yuan

The Artist is a Beast, On the Inside, Amsterdam, NL
Group Exhibition

from the Collection of Edwin Oostmeijer

June 18 – September 10 2023

Aly Helyer, Anna Glantz, Anthony Cudahy, Aubrey Levinthal, Caleb Hahne, Caroline Walker, Clayton Schiff, Clotilde Jimenez, Danny Fox, Filip Henin, Grace Metzler, Grgur Akrap, Henry Curchod, Hiroshi Sugito, Igor Moritz, Jules de Balincourt, Justine Neuberger, Justin Liam O’Brien, Katherine Bradford, Kenrick McFarlane, Kenny Rivero, Lenz Geerk, Linus Borgo, Louise Giovanelli, Louis Fratino, Matthias Franz, Mosie Romney, Pieter Jennes, Raya Terran, RJ Messineo, Rosalind Nashashibi, Rose Wylie, Sarah Ball, Shona McAndrew, Willem Weismann

Duality: The Real and the Perceived, Monya Rowe Gallery NYC
Group Exhibition

Polina Barskaya, J. Carino, Emily Marie Miller Coan, Gina M. Contreras, Mary DeVincentis, Angela Dufresne, Sophia Heymans, Mala Iqbal, Aubrey Levinthal, Erin Milez, Anna Ortiz, Bryan Rogers, Anastasiya Tarasenko and Melody Tuttle

June 15 – July 20 2023

Close, Curated by Russell Tovey, Grimm Gallery, London

March 4 – April 6 2023

Ellen Altfest, Jean Claracq, Lenz Geerk, Nathanaëlle Herbelin, Ulala Imai, Fiza Khatri, Xie Lei, Aubrey Levinthal, Jean Nipon, Paula Siebra, Hugh Steers, Alexandria Tarver, Salman Toor

Talk Art Podcast with Russell Tovey and Robert Diament
Flag Art Foundation

February 8 – March 11 2023

Blind Field, curated by Matt Bollinger, 1969 Gallery, Tribeca, NYC

November 2 – December 17

Matt Bollinger, David Byrd, Garrett Cadwallader, Ginny Casey, Aubrey Levinthal, Enrico Riley and Brandi Twilley

Neighbors, Strangers, Bathers, Gazers, Monya Rowe Gallery, NYC
Solo Exhibition

September 8 – October 22, 2022 

Shelf Life, curated by Jessica Draper, Marlborough Gallery, London

October 11 – October 29

Greener Grass, curated by David Kennedy Cutler, Halsey McKay, E. Hampton, NY

August 5 – 30, 2022 

A Place For Me: Figurative Painting Now, curated by Ruth Erickson, ICA Boston
David Antonio Cruz, Louis Fratino, Doron Langberg, Aubrey Levinthal, Gisela McDaniel, Arcmanoro Niles, Celeste Rapone, and Ambera Wellmann

March 31 – September 5, 2022   MORE INFO

From Near and Far: Collage and Figuration in the Contemporary Age, curated by Katy Hessel and Deborah Robertson, Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

June 9 – July 23 2022   

The Modern Art Notes Podcast
Interview with Aubrey Levinthal and Doron Langberg
Women of Now: Dialogues of Identity, Memory and Place, Green Family Art Foundation, Dallas, TX

February 12 – May 22, 2022  MORE INFO

Snow Day, The Drawing Room, East Hampton NY
Jennifer Bartlett, Wilson A. Bentley, Charles Burchfield, Jack Bush, Lois Dodd, Jane Freilicher, Hector Leonardi, Aubrey Levinthal, Kathryn Lynch and Fairfield Porter

January 15 – February 27, 2022   MORE INFO

In Resonance with David Byrd, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia
group exhibition

November 18 – January 15, 2022